Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bad-ass Moses and his Kick-ass God

Just saw the Ridley Scott and Christian Bale Moses epic that will be spreading around the globe this week. Worth seeing for thrills and for ideas. While Hollywood has distaste for Mel Gibson's ethnic bitterness, they still dig his crowd-pleasing formulas. This film often recalls the Celtic swordplay of Braveheart, the slavery shock of Apocalypto, and the grim mysticism of Passion of the Christ. Melodramatic but way more fun than church - even if they were to allow popcorn and partial nudity at church. (Yes, I've suggested it, but nooooo!)

Exodus: Gods and Kings asks some good questions. Firstly, what's the difference between a spiritual prophet and a terrorist fanatic? Not much. Only one thing: an authentic message from above. This reveals the (literally) fatal flaw in the modern gospel that all faiths should be given equal respect for the sincerity of belief regardless of the content of the belief or its source. This compassionate-sounding doctrine can offer cover for religious manipulation or even homicidal religious fanaticism. What you believe matters.

Secondly, couldn't skeptics of the supernatural view Moses as a sincere visionary who experienced a rockslide on the head and a sucking sunami on the sea, rather than an actual God-encounter with a burning bush and a parting ocean? It's not a ridiculous arguement. Still, with the "laws" of science changing for every generation, why is it so much more reasonable to believe in miracles from the guys in white coats in the laboratories than from the dude in white robes in the heavens?

Frankly, I had a much harder time keeping my faith in the white coat who fondled my scrotum and made me cough in gym class than I've ever had believing in a higher reality. But maybe that's just me. That sweaty giggly kid who got back in line for the exam three times really put my weak faith in humanity to shame. So, whether you're facing the final judgement or just a periodic prostate exam, go see this movie and keep the faith, brother.

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  1. I'm going back and forth between the idea of seeing this one.