Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Year's Worst Travel Movie

How does a script writer take a story that has lasted two centuries and make it impossible to bear for two hours? How does a professional comedian give a film-length performance without doing or saying anything truly funny? How does a movie make the travel writing profession look even more amateurish than some backpacking practioners have? I don't know the how but I do know the when: Jack Black's recent version of Gulliver's Travels. Yuuuck!

This isn't a plane trip, but you still need a vomit bag - a fantasy world less interesting than most cornfields, geeky white aristocrats dancing and lip-syncing soul, plus belly flab and butt crack close-up-shots. Must I go on? Recommending this movie to an enemy could be the sweetest form of revenge. Jack Black should have to do penance before making another film. Go ahead: watch it and post a comment that I'm exaggerating. I dare you.

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