Monday, April 11, 2011

Renee Zellweger Movie Offers Wisdom

On the road, you learn to survive. The film My One and Only illustrates this, along with the challenge of relationship. The movie is a whimsical account of writer and actor George Hamilton's childhood.

Renee Zellweger leaves her cheating husband to hit the road with her two sons. She chases men from coast to coast, desperately falling prey to every imaginable ploy, until deciding to go it alone. Her role offers potent lessons about the quest for love. Take notes people!

A love life often has two phases: "I need someone now!" followed by "I don't need anyone ever!" We start out young and stupid with "I know he shagged my sister, but he might change." Then we graduate to old and bitter by joining the all-men-are-pigs or all-women-are-bitches club at the local bar.

These are destructive ways to avoid an uncomfortable reality. I mean the fact that a good relationship with someone of the opposite gender balances and enhances life but may require patient searching and personal growth. Many of us spend years in phase one or two, unaware that this is dysfunctional.

In the film, George Hamilton asks, "Do you think our mom is crazy?" His brother replies, "I can't tell. She's the only one I've had." If bad love is the only one you've had, you may need to hit the long and winding road to the real deal. You deserve good lovin´ and shouldn't settle for any other kind, but if you're a girl who rebels against smug advice and likes the other kind, call me.

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