Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Don't Cover Up Marine Le Pen

A Muslim leader refuses to meet with French politico Marine Le Pen unless she wears a headscarf. A Mormon friend of mine won't dine with people who order beer. Some gays demand Catholic caterers plan their wedding. Many feminists insist Protestant taxpayers must fund their abortion.

In a globalized world, tribes and faiths must intermingle. For everyone to have the right to live their moral convictions, nobody can have the right to make others do so. I prefer that all women who meet with me wear the neckline shown on young Le Pen in this photo.

Still, I understand where my liberties end and other folks' liberties begin. No matter how much a woman covering her breasts deeply saddens me, I can't demand she show some cleavage out of respect for my feelings. Feelings are a glorious part of life. Yet, they can't overrule rights without someone's rights being overruled.

This is why white dudes designed the best codes of rights in history: whites can't dance and men can't feel, so they were never distracted from the boring analytical task of codifying rights like freedom of speech and religion. That's why you touchy-feely "diverse" students at Berkeley should have respected the boring white men's code and let that flaming white man Milo Yiannopoulos speak, even if his wacky ideas hurt your feelings so much you had to choose not to attend.

While Milo was taking advantage of his right to speak, those who disagree could've gone to a local club to take advantage of their right to dance and feel without the fear of having those rights taken away, because the right to speak protects all the others. Yet, Muslims, Mormons, gays, feminists and all other people are tempted to put their feelings over others' rights. Thus, we get raping, pillaging, murdering, enslaving and all the other evils that turn the Garden of Eden into hell on earth. The first step back toward Eden is for us to respect the God-given rights of others - even if we don't feel like it. When in Rome, do as Romans do is good advice for travelers, but letting barbarian tourists act like barbarians is the surest sign of a noble Roman or human.


  1. well written! we'd all be better off with a little laissez-faire...

  2. almost forgot-total agreement on the Le Pen neckline issue!

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