Monday, November 7, 2016

Travel Writer In Residence Dream Job

Not many folks get paid to write. Much less to apprentice with a critically-acclaimed author. Yet, that opportunity is now available to you for a limited time. The daily routine of this job includes writing travel stories for three hours in a private office overlooking the Oaxacan rainforest, coaching university students for three hours on their communication skills, and being mentored for one hour by writer Lyn Fuchs.

The benefits include full professor's salary, full medical coverage, weekends off, and five weeks annual vacation. What's the downside? This rainforest is so fertile and sweaty, you'll have youthful skin and sexual passion that makes old whiny depressed gringos uncomfortable. Don't worry; they'll get over it ... or they won't. I've got two tickets to paradise. If you're interested in knowing more about these two writer-in-residence professorships that commence in January, contact me pronto at This offer will not be repeated or extended.

Would you like a break from drama, stress, processed food, and artificial light? Could you stand more verdant nature, succulent produce, sunny days, and smiling faces? Does time to compose real art and a chance to make a real difference sound a bit appealing? Instead of paying for a writers' retreat, you can get paid to take one. If you have the courage to ditch the distractions, to step off the grid, and to look the primal realities of human existence right in the eyes, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I eagerly await your email.

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  1. Give me mountains and glaciers, not rain forests, and I can be happy!