Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Is Donald Trump America's Pancho Villa?

This week celebrates the revolution here in Mexico, so I would be remiss not to note some uncanny parallels between Donald Trump and Pancho Villa. Yes, I'm serious. I've discussed this theory with over 200 real Mexicans in Oaxaca who generally validate that comparison. So, you faux LA (Latino activists) in faux LA (Los Angeles) can stop practicing your deeply-offended looks and go get a Thai fusion taco then whine to CNN about the cultural appropriation on behalf of all Mexicans and people of Thai descent. If you crack the taco shell, CNN will even dub it breaking news.

Pancho Villa was an iconoclastic machismo rogue and a man given to action. He didn't wait for women to approve his sexual advances or for politicos to approve his campaign advances. While lacking both the qualifications and temperament of the normal executive or administrator, he rallied and inspired the rural folk with promises to demolish a cozy rich establishment rigged against the people with real jobs. Sound familiar?

This magazine has repeatedly noted that Donald and Hillary are lifelong scoundrels and morally unfit for exemplary national administration. However, there was one defining ethical difference between them: work ethic. When Clinton outprepared Trump for the first debate, things didn't go so well for him. Likewise, 70-year-old wildman Donald hustled his butt like a cocaine addict for 3 to 4 arena events per day over a year, giving hugs and backslaps to rust belt voters who felt condescended to and neglected by elites, while overconfident and/or underenergetic Hillary campaigned sporadically, spending more time with Brit Lady Gaga than in blue collar Minnesota or Wisconsin or Michigan. A message so simple that it fits on a baseball cap delivered face to face beats a message of "I'm not as bad as the other guy" delivered from a New York balcony.

Both Donald's plane and Pancho's train hit whistle stops across a countryside where disgust with government disfunction and disrespect had reached a boiling point. For 98% of human history only two jobs existed: food prep and childcare. Then farmers and artisans were invented. No sooner did johnny-come-lately "professionals" appear on the scene than they began despising hunters and ranchers and housewives and craftsmen. Caste systems have spanned the globe in recent history. As recently as yesterday, workers in American flyover country felt despised by politicos in Washington, reporters in New York, actors in Hollywood, and tech billionaires in San Francisco.

Donald and Pancho might have been crude lousy candidates for president, but that doesn't mean they weren't perfectly understandable choices to take a sledge hammer or even a wrecking ball to a hopelessly inefficient and arrogant governing class. I suspect the American empire is past its zenith, but whether Donald Trump's revolution has mixed results (like Pancho Villa's) or lasting success remains to be seen. Hope for the best.

One thing is for sure: the bimbo elites who corrupted the U.S. media, the U.S. economy, and even the U.S. justice system for their own benefit then told rural farmers, housewives and factory workers to hurry up and die so the multicultural tolerance parade wouldn't be burdened with the tragically unhip are in no position to throw stones. They're the ones to be stoned. They're the reason multitudes voted for a barbaric stoning led by a barbaric rock thrower.

In the filthy battle of the filthy titans, Trump earned his WWF mudwrestling cagematch title. If elites want a classy civilized affair next time, they should stop binding the commoners hands by revoking their liberties and muzzling their mouths with PC oppression. Political correctness is fascism disguised as manners. Let people think, feel, and speak, so they won't need pitchforks and revolutionaries to express themselves. Whatever comes of the Trump movement, much credit or blame belongs to those who opposed him most.


  1. Well, I doubt Donald will meet with anything remotely resembling lasting success.

  2. I too have little faith that populist messiah Trump will halt the decline of the American empire, but I have absolute faith that continued deficit spending, liberty censoring, and military overextending in the Bush, Obama, and Clinton mold would seal its doom. I put my trust in the Red Hot Chili Peppers creed that "life is beautiful around the world." On this American Thanksgiving Day, I'm a happy pilgrim in a new land, where native girls have shown me that you don't need a turkey for a juicy stuffing and the dark meat actually tastes the best.