Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life Is Cooler Than Fiction

The prestigious Eclectica Magazine is publishing dual anthologies of what they consider the best fiction and nonfiction writing from the last twenty years. I'm honored to be included. Since my life makes vampires and zombies seem a mundane snoozefest, I only write stuff that's absolutely true, so the chosen story "Dying With Dignity Mexican Style" from my debut work Sacred Ground & Holy Water will be featured in their nonfiction collection. You can buy it soon. I must concur that this piece is one of the most shocking and moving passages I have ever written. It was a long descent into the abyss to write and not for the faint-hearted.

Eclectica Magazine editor Tom Dooley called me "an ideal traveling companion who brings lingual acuity, deep historical perspective, and razor-sharp irony along for the ride." The fact he considers me an ideal traveling companion rather than the girl in this photo is virtual proof he's gay, which virtually guarantees he knows high culture when he sees it. Those who have yet to buy my books can avoid permanent classification as knuckle-dragging unibrow philistines by obtaining this anthology from Amazon or your local bookstore, until you can neatly and proudly display a full-length Lyn Fuchs opus on your coffee table. My heartfelt gratitude to Eclectica Magazine for highlighting and supporting quality lit.

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