Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Political Correctness: Fascism Disguised As Sensitivity

Idiot students at Mizzou foolishly think they’re victims of racism, when they’re actually victims of bad parents who failed to give them the love and discipline balance that produces character, plus liberal academics who coddled the dangerous fantasy of “safe spaces” free from opposing or challenging viewpoints.

I would like to whitesplain the facts of life to these pathetic babies, but I can’t, because I self-identify as black from the waist down and white from the waist up. Plus, being the one white member of a black church during university and loving mostly women of color all my life and living in dark-skinned cultures for decades gives me more commonality with brown folks than Hawaiian prep school grad Barack Obama will ever have. So, I’m gonna brownsplain reality.

When I’m surrounded on a deserted street by a drunk gang-tattooed group of Mexican men who call me “pinche gringo” (white trash), I usually make jokes, make friends, and make them painfully aware that I’m way cooler and warmer than they are. When one racist coward reportedly yells “Nigga!” from his truck window at a group of Mizzou students, they’re traumatized and now need new funding, new curriculum, and new teachers.

One cannot overstate how immature and dysfunctional these whiners are. Their culture and the media have lied to them. Their skin color and a racist scum have nothing to do with their crippling problem. Those who like Martin Luther King judge people by the content of their character not their skin color sense immediately that these protestors are in much more danger from a world with no tolerance for lack of marketable skill than a moronic bigot with no tolerance for differing skin pigment. If they think systemic racism sucks, wait till they try systemic starvation. (Oooops! That won’t happen, because they’re middle-class American brats. Sorry, I was confusing them with folks who have real problems.) Yet, similar violent demonstrations have occured recently nationwide from Yale University to Claremont-McKenna.

Just as the media refused to see that Trevor Martin and George Zimmerman were both violent troubled youth who went looking for violence and trouble then found it (because the media was obsessed with microscopic differences in the ethnic blend of those two boys), so fools now see the Mizzou mayhem as serious protest against the system, when it’s mostly rage over the protestors’ own dysfunctional lives. Most of these spoiled students need a father (if not an ass-whuppin’), rather than more safe spaces and sensitivity training.

On the other hand, we old farts should be wise and humble enough to see that these demonstrators (like most generations transitioning into adult life) are admirable in their hunger for justice and transformation. People lose their passion for change and their faith in the viability of change as they age. The students are not much to blame for the fact that their moral crusade and old time revival has no real morality to revive.

Their lame parents and professors indulged them in the false religion of political correctness with its obsession for racial segregation and gender conflation rather than the goodness of God and the infinite value of all God’s children. Nor were they wise enough to educate the next generation that hate speech can hurt a black (or yellow or red or white) student’s feelings but the absence of free speech can put us all back in the slave chains that ancestors fought so hard and nobly to shed. Racism sucks, but slavery sucks so much more.

America has planted the vile mob-rule seeds of political correctness, rather than doing the hard work of cultivating morality, which bears good fruit in season. If America’s future parents and professors grow the balls to teach goodness instead of political correctness, they too will reap what they sow. Let’s hear no more of the religious right’s “God bless America” or Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America”. Let’s hear more about Americans taking a little interest in God’s plan for all of us. When political correctness has gone the way of disco, the big I AM will still be. Victim rabble: get over yourselves.

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