Friday, November 13, 2015

Riding My Woman Into The Sunset

On my birthday tomorrow, I celebrate half a century of passionate living with half a week of passionate loving from a voracious and curvacious woman half my age at Mazunte Beach Jazz Festival. La vida es muy muy dulce.

I thank God for every sunrise, every breath, plus enough torque and thrust to take away the breath of my delicious corn goddess. The jaguar shown in this photo is an old classic edition. Still, the engine on this antique offers true high performance with all parts being original and fully functional.

The disaster movie that has been my life doesn't seem like the lead up to a happily-ever-after storybook ending. However, God and Mexican women are merciful beings who move in mysterious and/or captivating ways. The almighty once came to us riding on a donkey. The mamacitas usually come to us gliding on high heels. Both can show us the pathway to heaven.

Four bits of wisdom have transformed my life from pathetic to orgasmic. Here they are: 1) closely observe people's character but mostly ignore their words, 2) strive for excellence then leave the results to God, 3) your gratitude makes life good not your circumstances, and 4) if you accept that life doesn't have to be your way, you can be happy. For more life wisdom, read my book Sacred Ground & Holy Water or Fresh Wind & Strange Fire.

Here's a mariachi tune from the Eagles befitting my romantic celebration of life's passage and my personal journey from metrosexual California boy to turbosexual Mexican badass. I wish everyone the happiness that I've found.

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