Saturday, September 6, 2014

Music is the Universal Language

In my experience, music is the universal language, because it communicates passionate sentiment directly to the heart with or without comprehension of the lyrics. Plato wrote that music is a powerful irrational force capable of almost anything, because it commands the listener to dance with or without a reason to do so. Perhaps the most powerful music is that which reflects love and loss, which are perhaps the most beautiful and painful of all experiences.

Here are four such melancholy love songs that have stuck in my memory from living in Canada, Mexico and the United States. See if you can detect some universal experiences of the human heart. These songs are a little syrupy, but cynics beware. Ernest Hemingway profoundly noted that those who can never have true love must of necessity deny its existence.

Traveling has crushed my faith in many things, but love aint one of 'em. If you wish to accuse me of being a hopeless romantic, guilty as charged. So, pour yourself some Bush Mills Irish whisky or an Argentinian red wine and enjoy a few moments of bittersweet self pity. Then remind yourself that most of your troubles are your own damn fault and that life is good. Put your hands on the computer and experience the cleansing and healing power of music.

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  1. Good choices in music, Lyn, and yes, it is a universal language.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing BB in concert. He is the best of the best.