Sunday, July 27, 2014

Road Babe Mittie Roger Fills Out

Not only will I be reading my work this Friday at the Garrison & Garrison Books anniversary party, but Mittie Roger (who pioneered the Road Babe Dispatches column in this magazine) truly fills out the program with a reading from her new book. Oh, you thought I'd say she really fills out a dress. No, this is a high-class literary publication.

On the other hand, what's as classy as breasts? I guess there's classical guitar (shaped just like a woman's curves) and chocolate truffles (topped with coffee beans resembling nipples) and French cheese (discovered by French hicks fondling cow udders). Actually, high culture pretty much comes down to books and breasts, the latter of which still enjoy widespread popularity. So, come on out to show your appreciation for Mittie's fine set - of literary compositions I mean.

Furthermore, nothing complements a great rack like copies of Lyn and Mittie's books, which will be available for you to purchase and fill out said bookrack with. I know: you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, but those who wanna see a truly exquisite end should check out Mittie's. I won't go into detail about it, but let's just say all her elegant lines converge in a well-rounded and appealing way. (Good authors try to make their storylines do that.) In summary, guys who don't like Mittie's photos should come out of the closet and folks who like books should come out to Garrison & Garrison in San Miguel on Friday at 5:00 pm. See you there (if I'm not busy gawking at something else).

Legal disclaimer: the photos here are all the exclusive property of photographer Sean Reagan, who is the exclusive property of Mittie Roger. I don't have the right to post them without his permission, but neither does Sean have the right to fritter away his artistic gifts by photographing Mittie all day - like that's a real job. I could make a camera out of a shoebox then give it to my dog and he could take a good-looking picture of Mittie. Challenge yourself dude! Make the comb-over-bald-spot gringos cruising San Miguel with gold chains bouncing on their chest rugs look good. Now, that would be art! Enjoy Mittie's site:

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  1. Hell, I'd photograph Mittie all day given the choice!