Wednesday, October 23, 2013

San Miguel de A LYN DAY

Condé Nast Traveler just selected San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as one of the top destinations on the planet. Why? I think it's fairly obvious: because I'll be there on November 16th, 2013  -  live, uncensored and nearly sober. Can you dig it? From 4 to 6 pm Saturday, I'll be reading, signing, and hugging people somewhat inappropriately at Garrison & Garrison bookstore.

Don't miss this opportunity to have an unforgettable encounter with an actual living caveman. I sincerely do request your presence and genuinely want to meet you. Come hang out with the San Miguel community for good laughs and good conversation about a great new work. Here's a little blurb about the cool book that I'll be reading and signing during this literary event and/or booty call:

Are you ready to travel beyond where even news reporters fear to tread? Fresh Wind & Strange Fire is author Lyn Fuchs’ journey through stranger-than-fiction primal terrain. As an American professor in a Mexican university exploring the southern reaches of his new country, Fuchs knows the territory as only a local resident can and is uniquely qualified to convey its essence to English-speaking readers. Fuchs’ adventures include buying fake documents, eating iguanas, ingesting peyote, scaling glaciers, train-hopping with migrants, splash-fighting with Mayans, joking with narcotraficantes, being exfoliated by fish, having a tooth extracted without anesthetic, and interviewing the last living witness to a Latin American extermination camp. As mystics exalt the lotus for its stately blossoms arising out of muddy waters, Lyn celebrates life by gleaning hilarity and wisdom from bizarre reality.

Says Fuchs, “I think many Americans have a lover’s quarrel with their own culture. Americans living in Mexico often feel great love for their homeland, but also great freedom from the limitations of its worldview. I sometimes tell friends that Mexico offers all the good things in life, plus just enough violence to keep the wimps out. (I’ve suggested this slogan to the tourism department but haven’t heard back.) In Fresh Wind & Strange Fire, I try to share some of the freedom and courage I’ve found in Mexico with my compatriots, who assume they live in the land of the free and home of the brave. It’s true that newcomers to surreal Mexico often feel vulnerable, but long-term expatriate residents usually feel empowered. Life in Mexico provides fewer safety helmets, but more wind in your hair. If you’d like to take a primal spiritual journey into the deepest heart of Mexico without the infected and scarring mosquito bites, this book is for you.”

So, if you want me to sign your book or your inner thigh or your restraining order, this is the perfect opportunity. Bookstore owner Michelle Garrison suggests a mere 50 peso donation for this event. I suggest 100 dollars in unmarked bills, plus a bottle of Scotch (and I know where you live). Come on out everybody! Being seen at a book signing makes you look cultured, especially if you hold the book right side up.


  1. Have fun, Lyn!

    So how many restraining orders will you be signing?

  2. Not too many, William. What gringos call stalking, latinos call unrequited love.


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