Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our First Review Awards Five Stars

Publisher Jairus Reddy just finished reading Fresh Wind & Strange Fire. Besides giving it five stars on GoodReads, he also had quite a bit to say:
I have no idea why I decided to read this book, especially since I'm not typically a fan of non-fiction. Now that I have finished, I am glad I didn't pass up the opportunity. The writing is almost poetic and the history, philosophy and comedy reek of the human spirit in Mexico. I feel privileged to have read this work as it fulfilled everything I want out of a book. Comedy, suspense and self-reflection. This work demonstrates all of these, and the exemplary writing grasps the "show, don't tell" philosophy that many writers fail to practice.
I don't know what drew me into this book, but the synopsis interested me enough to read my first non-fiction book in years. And I absolutely loved it. I felt I was right there with Mr. Fuchs in Mexico, enjoying the beautiful mountains, rainforests and rivers one moment, followed by downing a few beers or the occasional tequila the next. I saw the beauty of the indigenous people of the area, through his eyes, and the pain of a people tormented by their own form of slavery. Mr. Fuchs invokes almost every emotion in his journeys (yes this is plural due to the wide array of adventures in this single work), and I was completely satisfied in every way.
Well Jairus, with my book and your dulce azucar morena, you probably should be satisfied in every way. Thank you for reading my work and offering up your feedback. Stop the cyberpresses! Just as I was about to post this, our second review came in smoldering like a disco inferno over at News Blaze:
In Fresh Wind & Strange Fire, American Professor Lyn Fuchs chronicles his journey through the rugged and primal terrain of Mexico, the country where he resides and teaches.... Fresh Wind & Strange Fire is just as the title suggests: fresh, original and passionate. Fuchs grips the reader, from beginning to end, with his historical detail, humor and socio-political anecdotes. This is a must read for anyone who lives in or aspires to travel extensively through Mexico.
Thanks to Canadian reviewer Deana Proach for those gracious words. Other ladies who want me to grip them "from beginning to end" are urged to buy the book, and then to call me.

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