Monday, June 24, 2013

An Oracle From The Corn Goddess

Hello! I’m the corn goddess. Every year, indigenous people from all around Mesoamerica gather in Oaxaca City to celebrate the Guelaguetza Festival and select a woman to represent Centeotl, the goddess of corn. People dance in the streets and savor traditional foods from ancient recipes.

Southern Mexico is in many ways the heart of the Americas. This land of the Olmecs and Maya calls people back to the sensual and spiritual nature that exists within us all. If you live in the Americas, you really must make a pilgrimage to this sacred land. One simple way to do this is the new book Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: One Man’s Adventures in Primal Mexico.

This astonishing travel book will transport you across this mystical terrain. The adventures of author Lyn Fuchs include buying fake documents, splash-fighting with Mayans, joking with narcotraficantes, being exfoliated by fish, having a tooth extracted without anesthetic, and interviewing the last living witness to a Latin American extermination camp.

Yet, the action is no more gripping than the reflection. As mystics exalt the lotus for its stately blossoms arising out of muddy waters, this book celebrates life by gleaning hilarity and wisdom from primal reality. Order a copy from your local bookstore or, and let your heart be inspired by the heart of the Americas.

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