Monday, May 16, 2011

Swimming Against The Current

Joseph Fiennes swims 150 miles on The Hudson River in Against The Current. His journey begins with a meaning-less sexual encounter and ends at a meaning-enhanced Statue of Liberty, where he plans to obtain freedom through suicide.

The movie offers refreshingly-realistic characters, like people you've actually met, including Mary Tyler Moore as a nasty old-money bitch. The soundtrack and photography lend themselves to a reflective drift down the stream of life.

This film reveals offing-yourself for what it is: not going out in a blaze of glory but a selfish and/or desperate escape from the human condition - trapped between the monkeys and the gods, too smart to live in the moment yet too weak to secure immortality.

Still, those of us who abandon the quest to discover and fulfill our purpose habitually (by drugging, shopping or computer gaming for example) can't throw too many stones. Life is a tough marathon, but noone wins by quitting, so run your race to the finish.

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