Friday, May 13, 2011

No Me Digas Que Te Vas Mi Amor!

Say goodbye to the first edition of Sacred Ground & Holy Water shown here. The second edition comes out this month. If you'd still like to own a copy of the original, you must order it immediately from Thanks to all who've helped make this a work of lasting impact.

Special appreciation goes to Catherine Treadgold at Coffeetown Press. She keeps believing that male readers can tolerate a little poetic beauty, that female readers can handle a little harsh reality, and that a genre-busting book about living with gusto deserves to be read.


  1. If you could judge a book by a cover, the second edition looks like a bestseller!

  2. @congrats on 2nd cover!:) While the first one can be translated as "life is edgy", the other gives a "serene" impact.