Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Soul Selling Extravaganza

Road trip! Today is the release of Sacred Ground & Holy Water, so let's hit the information (or is it fornication?) highway. Our virtual book tour is now in progress. Let the shameless promotion begin! Check out these reviews and interviews:

Matador Travel Network Review, Fore Word ReviewSharing Travel Experiences Review, Midwest Book Review, Gnostalgia Book ReviewMust Mutter Interview, Kate Evangelista InterviewSteven Belanger Interview, and Eclectica Literary Journal Interview.

You can also find reviews and interviews by author Rick Skwiot, Mens Traveler Mag, and New Book Journal. Then, try to remember herb-smokin´ braid-wearin´ Willy Nelson singing On the Road Again and whistle along. R we havin´ fun R what?


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