Thursday, January 31, 2013

Primal Wilderness Rambling From The Pacific

Wherever I go, I search for beautiful colors. They jump out at me from everywhere. From forests, vast oceans, infinite open skies and deserts at twilight to local markets full of mysterious fruits, exotic vegetables, aromatic spices and playful people.

Sometimes I search for what I need. The color to calm me down or liven me up, to stimulate my mind or touch my heart. I am writing this for you, hoping to help you find the colors you need.

So, I will begin with the color turquoise, just because it’s special to me. It’s a blend - an exotic mixture of emerald green and clear-sky blue. Are you a turquoise person? Turquoise people tend to be communicative, well-adjusted and optimistic. They are capable, child-like and dreamy. Turquoise people have unique awareness. They are often calm, introspective and self-reliant. Turquoise people say what they feel and devote much energy to personal relationships.

When do we need turquoise? We need turquoise when we are feeling stressed or suffering from tension and anxiety. Turquoise supports, refreshes and stimulates us. Turquoise revives our soul and reconnects us with nature. In my search for turquoise, I have found the most beautiful to be the deep turquoise of the coral reef lagoons in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

On a voyage in a small (and I mean tiny) fishing vessel in the vast open Pacific, the mesmerizing color helps me ignore the fact that we have no GPS or mobile phone, not enough diesel or drinking water, and no food at all.

"Oh look, flying fish!" leaping out of the blue. With no land in sight, I wonder how this nonchalant Fijian fisherman knows where he is.

I ask him and he replies with a grin "by the color of the water". I nod, as though I understand and this explains everything. We continue, slowly, very slowly. The sun is approaching the horizon.

"How much longer to the island?" I ask, trying not to look concerned.

"No worries" he shouts. "Senganalenga."

Well, okay then. I stare at the colors and they comfort me. Then the engine cuts out. "What happened?" I ask calmly.

"Oh nothing" he says, "there are some Wahloo over there."


"Yes Wahloo" he says. "Very good fish for dinner – we do some fishing."

"Ahh" I sigh. "No rush?"

"No rush" he answers.

I focus on the turquoise and try to shut out the voice in my head.

They are fishing. They are content. They are totally in the present. I decide the best thing for me would be to join them in the now. So I stare at the blue eternity and smile.

We all need a little healing. We are all a little battered and bruised by life, so while we are on this incredible journey, we need a little help from the rainbow. It’s a free gift from the never-ending cosmos.

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Maiyan Karidi studied art and anthropology before traveling to Israel to restore a 3,000-year-old mosaic floor. She now lives in Mauritius, where she pursues her fascination with indigenous tribes and their mystic rituals. Check out her site at

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  1. Excellent post, Maiyan!

    I could benefit right now from some of that easier going pace of life...