Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Welcome Sean Reagan & Mittie Roger!

We´re happy to announce that travel journalists Sean Reagan and Mittie Roger are joining our staff as writers-in-residence. Thrilled actually. When they aren't driving their Land Rover from Canada to Argentina, Sean and Mittie normally park at San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, but they'll now have a parking space here at the University of Papaloapan in Oaxaca between global wanderings.

Sean Reagan is a renowned photographer who studied at Georgetown University, then worked at the Inter-American Development Bank, Brookings Institution and David Rockefeller Center For Latin American Studies at Harvard University. He has directed community projects among indigenous peoples in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Mittie Roger completed a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from Louisiana State and then a Master of Arts in creative writing from Naropa University. She pioneered the Road Babe Dispatches column for Sacred Ground Magazine, judges the poetry for the San Miguel Writers' Conference and authors literary journeys for publications like Atencion, Land Rover Monthly and her story collection Aurora. You can keep up with Sean and Mittie's photogenic meanderings at http://www.seanandmittie.com.

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