Friday, December 16, 2016

Mother Superior Inspires Author Superior

When I wrote about my mother's death, I never expected the story to be chosen as one of the best nonfiction works of the last twenty years. It's truly a moving honor. Of course, she was one of the best mothers ever, so that's the real accomplishment in all this. I want to thank Eclectica Magazine. Their anthology of the best nonfiction is now available at your favorite bookstore or here. I'm excited to get my copy. Since it has been mailed during the holiday season and is later to be entrusted to the Mexican postal service, only a Christmas miracle arranged by mom's heavenly intercession can possibly result in its arrival at the doorstep of this prodigal son.

Light a candle for me. The selected tale: Dying With Dignity Mexican Style (from my first book) is far more than just a personal anecdote. It's a human quandary. Is it better to embrace mortality with all the macabre foolishness of Mexicans or deny mortality with all the make believe foolery of Americans? Or a bit of both? As death is the only part of our envisioned future that's guaranteed, surely we should give some delibrateness to how we approach it, rather than spending all our attention on less certain futures. People plan, but God decides.

That isn't a downer. As the dark Winter Solstice marks a turning toward the Spring, so the twilight of this life portends the dawn of the next. When the body of a candle is completely used up, the master of the cathedral replaces it with a new one. How to find peace on earth at Christmas? The best way is to make peace with why you're here and where you're going. Otherwise, all the candlelight and potpourri in the world will fall a little short. Consider this collection of literary musings on life's realities for a meaningful holiday gift for a meaningful holiday. Whether you're remembering an Irish mom who gave birth to a story in a current anthology or a Jewish mom who gave birth to a baby in an ancient barn, Merry Christmas to all.


  1. I think as with all things where there are two extremes in how to react, the answer is in between. Merry Christmas to you.

  2. Congratulations, Lyn. The Eclectica honor validates my view that you are one of the most original, thoughtful, and entertaining essayists at work today.