Friday, March 18, 2016

Why America Embraces A Trump/Clinton Circus

This magazine has already provided snapshots of the tiny tip of the huge iceberg that is the lifelong ideological and moral bancruptcy of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. A word to the wise is sufficient. It's now time for wise people to come to grips with why so many Americans have enthusiastically embraced a knuckle-dragging guy with a fascist strong-man aura and a scandal-laden hag with a socialist mother-superior attitude.

Americans are a relatively moral people - as long as scruples don't get in the way of getting rich or getting laid. When they do, all bets are off. Primal forces are currently motivating American voters with far greater force than their fading spiritual ideals can withstand. Media intellectuals and journalists may scratch their heads, but more intuitive folk perceive Trump and Clinton scratching much lower primordial itches. Rational minds know that scratching down there is unwise and unseemly, but animal urges are nearly irresistable, so an unsightly rash is spreading.

Most Americans live in a life-path-fantasy bubble that reality is aggressively imploding. Privileged American experience hasn't toughened citizens sufficiently to face a harsh new world order. The primal fear instinct urges them to flee gathering monsoon clouds and seek shelter with a shaman promising potent dark magic. Overwhelming evidence that Trump and Clinton are lifelong snake-oil vendors without a drop of genuine medicine (or real magic or personal integrity) doesn't faze the terrified screaming natives (and nativists) crowding into the Republican and Democrat tents and huts then covering their ears to block out the sound of approaching thunder.

Most voters feel an urgency to make America great again in terms of economic wealth and military security. However, the need to rebuild a national character of hard work, family loyalty, and honest dealings that enabled such ascendancy seems far less pressing. Thus, dirty rotten scoundrels Donald and Hillary, who claim to possess big wampum magic, have become national options and temptations. These slimy serpents, slithering across what was formerly a fertile garden and fruited plain requiring little hard cultivation, promise to make us like gods again. Let us consider why both Adam and Eve are currently biting a wormy apple.

American men commonly possess the fantasy that they should have less-demanding higher-paying jobs than the desperate folks in other global tribes. Likewise, they shouldn't be expected to master new hunting technology in middle age or migrate to other regions of the globe when the harvest or herd is more plentiful there. The Divine right to sit on your ample television-adled ass and charge up credit cards in a closed-down rural town or drugged-out urban ghetto rather than find a different career, learn a new language, or adopt a simpler lifestyle has been crayola marked into the U.S. constitution by sleazy-and-soft lying-and-promising politicians like Barack Obama. America actually swung at his girlish pitch and struck out.

Real men throughout history have built bodies and families strong enough to survive a flight over the mountains in time of war or famine - without selling their souls or entrusting their fates to a witchdoctor like Donald or Hillary. America may or may not be great again, but every American man can decide to be great right now. Alas, you can't learn that at Trump University. Life is tough and a constantly globalizing world tends to equalize global incomes. A huckster who thrived with inherited money, bancruptcy loopholes and divorce lawyers is unlikely to save little guys from harsh reality or losing dignity. I truly hope Donald Trump loves America enough to think of somebody other than himself and do something good for a change, but one's past character is the best predictor of future behavior, so it's a desperate sucker's casino bet.

Likewise, American women now commonly harbor the delusion that one can abort the 1st child, hire a Filipino to raise the 2nd child, feed unhealthy fast food to the 3rd child, hook up with a metrosexual man who will basically constitute an unhelpful 4th child then find peace of mind in a government program from a politico like Hillary. Talk about choosing and staying in an abusive relationship!

This Hillary hungered for power so much she was willing to forgo a lifetime of devoted spousal love, give her own daughter a sexual predator for a father-figure, and even enable such predations on scores of vulnerable women. Sure, she speaks for women, but only the kind who lack all morality and screw all others. She should be the last place any woman would look for deliverance. Even so, Hillary's femin/fasc-ist pals recently threatened young women they'd better vote for the annointed leader of their gender tribe or burn in the fires of hell. Given a chance, the "Dark Ages" might dub our time the "Even Darker Ages".

Despite modern pretensions, the primal moral duty to feed and protect offspring cannot be ignored for long without dire consequences. Men and women who have entrusted life's most sacred tasks to a central planning committee now panic that they are seemingly fucked. They bang on Washington's door like rain-drenched mobs on the timbers of Noah's ark. Who knew that tribal warfare could erupt without warning, even in a "gender-neutral, politically-correct, modern society"? Actually, the stage was well set for angry middle-age men to support Trump and angry middle-age women to support Hillary.

For years, everyone who was anyone has pretended it was okay for 95% of black Americans to vote for a grossly-inexperienced jerk with a lifetime of racist and marxist affiliations because of similar skin tones, despite this being a total renunciation of the America-founding and world-transforming values of Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King. Such tribal thinking was not okay. Understandable in the historical context of black oppression but still not okay. I understand why hungry downtrodden rednecks supported the Klan, but their shame was still their shame. No amount of wrongs can ever make a right.

Tribal warfare throws up ruthless tribal chieftains. I hope Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton does a miraculously better job as president than their foul characters would predict. I long to be proven wrong. Nevertheless, nothing will save America from the long term consequences of being the type of nation that would tolerate such debasement without repentance and/or revolution. I desperately plead with my American brothers and sisters to renounce racism (of David Duke or Jeremiah Wright variety), sexism (of machismo or feminist variety), and tribalism (of every variety).

Consider again aspiring to be one nation under God. Stop making excuses for electing George Bush, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. Return to reflecting decent character and electing decent people, or at least go the way of the Roman and Mayan empires with less whining. That's the problem with democracy: we're morally responsible for our decisions. Voting only works when a populace is generally informed and generally ethical enough to vote for what is just for all rather than what is beneficial to a tribe. That aint happenin' right now.

In 1932, even a social-safety-net advocate like Franklin Roosevelt knew the existential danger of a national epidemic of bad character. He said America had “come through a period of loose thinking, descending morals, an era of selfishness, among individual men and women and among nations. Blame not governments alone for this. Blame ourselves in equal share. Let us be frank in acknowledgment of the truth that many amongst us have bowed down to the god of money, that the profits of speculation, the easy road without toil, have lured us from the old barricades. To return to higher standards we must abandon the false prophets and seek new leaders.”

Americans should worry less about looming threats to their customary lifestyle of easy money, easy credit, divorce without cause, and abortion on demand. They should worry more about how their customary lifestyle has corrupted their own character and saddened the God they still insist must bless them. They should stop looking for thugs like Hillary or Donald to defend their interests and search out politicos decent enough to defend their liberty, so they can return to being moral adults who can defend themselves in a big scary world. America can decide to make itself truly great again. However, if it does, it won't need or support degenerate would-be dictators like Donald or Hillary.

Nevertheless, it's not the role of scheming Mitt Romney or the D.C. establishment to save voters from themselves. Americans have a constitutional right to shoot politicos who bar them from expressing their will freely with words and ballots. That's the true reason why the right to bear arms comes 2nd after the right to free speech. If the voters won't save the Republic (by ballots or bullets), the Republic isn't worthy of salvation. Will Durant said, "A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ben Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Politically-correct Americans today readily abandon the liberty of free speech (which protects us from enslavement) for safe spaces (which buffer us from hate speech and hurt feelings). If citizens can no longer handle the harsh pummeling of protected speech, wait till the tribal sticks and stones start breaking our soft cosmopolitan bones. Choose your future wisely America - liberty and justice for all or a warrior and shaman for your tribe - then blame no one else for your destiny.

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  1. From north of the border, looking at what's going on, I'm first glad that we voted out a sociopath last fall and voted in a reasonable person... and second, it looks like a lunatic asylum down there.