Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton Reveals America's Moral I.Q.

My parents voted for John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon but wouldn't have done so had they known jack or dick about Jack's and Dick's character. My parents weren't perfect, but they did have some scruples. People who read and can handle the truth now know that Nixon was a negative paranoid liar and Kennedy plied underage girls with booze, manhandled and screwed them without sentiment, then discarded them without remorse. Good people don't relish association with such types.

A list of only the most provable dirty deeds of Hillary Clinton will shock and disgust anyone with a smidgen of decency. Americans have never knowingly allowed such a corrupt candidate onto a U.S. presidential ballot. This is a moment that history will remember in the decline of the American empire. Here's a list for folks who care about getting blood on their hands when they cast a ballot.

1. In an interview, she proudly remembered and laughed about getting a client she knew to be a child rapist released without jail time on a technicality. Blood-chilling: if you have a conscience.

2. In her political ambition, she not only turned a blind eye to her husband's lifelong predations upon young girls, but performed an attack-dog role, publically humiliating and morally denigrating all "trailer trash bimbos" who dared protest or regret inappropriate sexual encounters with her husband.

3. As bribes for favors from her Arkansas governor husband, she allowed brokers to enrich her for stocks that lost value by robbing the pensions and investments of poor people whose stocks had actually gained value.

4. She placed nuclear-bomb-facilitating American uranium deposits under the control umbrella of Russia's Vladamir Putin in exchange for massive payoffs to her husband flimsily disguised as the world's highest speech fees.

5. While having access to myriad reports that U.S. diplomats in Libya were under attack and fighting for their lives, she fully complied with a political strategy to send no support or rescue, to downplay the attacks then lie about their source until after Obama's reelection, and to attend the funeral of the diplomats hugging parents while pretending to be aggrieved and outraged at the deaths of those she had helped to sacrifice for political points.

I have no idea how geeky and/or sleazy the next Republican nominee will be. I've no delusions about the likelihood of choosing a decent sane person from the cesspool of phony narcissists we call politicians. However, the Democrats will surely reveal America's moral I.Q. if they nominate Hillary. The Republicans could go into any prison in America to select an inmate at random and be relatively sure of vastly exceeding the integrity of this unscrupulous slimeball.

Most convicted murderers think far too highly of themselves to associate with the pedophiles on the cellblock. So, God help America if 51% of its population lacks even such minimal scruples. Americans must not just exercise the right to vote. They must demand the right to some candidates who don't make them coconspirators in a criminal enterprise ... by almost any means necessary.


  1. I just wish both sides were nominating other people.

  2. Yes, William, and just when I felt confident Republicans couldn't go as low as Hillary, I realized we still don't know what lies under slumlord, mafioso, wife-swapper Donald Trump's frightening hair.