Thursday, January 2, 2014

Librarians Have Nice Racks

It isn't just the library books that are well-stacked.
Librarians have nice racks. Yet, these nice bookracks are getting even nicer, since many now stock Fresh Wind & Strange Fire, thanks to a recent review in the illustrious Library Journal. It seems librarians dig me. After years of being shushed by hot-but-sexually-repressed librarians for lounging in the reference room, holding a magazine upside down, and asking cute girls what they're reading, I'm finally catching a break from the clergy of the church of the Dewey Decimal System. File that under nonfiction. Plus, rumor has it that Fresh Wind & Strange Fire is inspiring librarians to take off the Buddy Holly glasses, let down the pinned-up hair, and disappear between the stacks with bow-tie-wearing male librarians or fellow hot libresbians. Here's what Library Journal had to say about my book:

Gonzo tourist Fuchs’s account of way-off-the-beaten-path Mexico makes Anthony Bourdain appear reserved. His approach style is primitive and organic, with no first-world intercession or assistance. Only three pages in and he’s solicited a fake passport, trial-and-errored peyote dosage, and had a tooth extracted with wincing crudeness by a “dentist.” While he’s more author Hunter S. Thompson than travel guide Rick Steves, and certainly sensational in his gleefully gritty pursuit of the real Mexico, he’s not exploitive, cloying, or insincere and more often than not he reveals with acuity and bite a talent for finding the conceit (with prickling quotability). 
Though not your standard travel guide—no maps, agenda, index, or even photos are in this book—it is nonetheless vivid, and illuminatingly dense with lost histories of an unconsidered culture. Fuchs rambles (sometimes escaping) from Mayan and Mixtec barrios and villages to cities and towns, and opens up to everything from mafiosos and mystics to moles and iguanas. Fuchs offers unpredictable reading, recommended to those who like travel to challenge their perspective.
You don't even need a library card to check her out.
So, folks who refuse to buy my book, either because they're too cheap or can't bear contributing to the decline of civilization, can now pick up a copy (or a book babe hottie) at their local library. If your librarian refuses to put out, tell her that other librarians are now giving it up, why shouldn't she. Lean over the desk and whisper into her ear: "Fuchs, Lyn. Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: One Man’s Adventures in Primal Mexico. Coffeetown. 2013. ISBN 9781603811729. pap. $11.95. TRAV." Sometimes a woman just needs to hear it phrased in the right way. Librarians who wish to help this author with some "binding and dissemination" are urged to contact me at once.


  1. omfg. where do these women come from, heaven???