Sunday, November 17, 2013

Author Lyn Fuchs Publicly Exposes Himself

Much thanks and many hugs go out to the people who were gathered yesterday at Garrison & Garrison Books in San Miguel to celebrate the Mexico release of Fresh Wind & Strange Fire. Store owner Michelle Garrison brought her cool personality, warm demeanor and uber-hot look. (I also dug the way she shoved Rick Skwiot's books aside to put mine at the front of the table.)

Travel writer Mittie Rogers graciously came up with the event idea. Of course, she was just too damn important to attend herself, but that's okay. (I ran into her boyfriend at the nearby Starbuck's bathroom as he scurried frantically around town desperately doing her bidding. He's almost as pretty as she is, though a little lacking in the curves department.) Mittie was preparing her session for the San Miguel Writers' Conference, where she'll be cooking up recipes from Like Water For Chocolate. (Next year, I'll be cooking up secret homespun recipes from the series Breaking Bad.)

After reading sexual, brutal, and spiritual excerpts from my new book as well as Sacred Ground & Holy Water, I publicly exposed myself - to probing questions from the group. We also distributed limited-time collector's-edition bookmarks. Long after the event ended, some of my university students turned up in San Miguel, avoiding anything resembling a book but embracing any excuse for a party. Thanks, as always, for showing rather than telling why Mexicans are the happiest (and least responsible) people on earth.

Finally, my greatest appreciation goes to those who purchased their copies at this high-class wine (in a box) and cheese (in a can) event. Your support for books that embrace life rather than offering escape from it is duly and deeply noted. (My next work: the Horny Aztec Vampires Trilogy may go in a slightly more commercial direction.)

That book babe Lexy who womans the cash register at Garrison & Garrison receives no thanks here, since she refused to laugh at my jokes, clinging to her high standards like those uppity city slickers with their fancy indoor plumbing. If you stop by Garrison and Garrison to buy my books (as all God-fearing people should), watch Lexy closely. She may short change you, because her loyalties are not to honest book merchandizing but to some fringe organization attempting to overturn the social order by giving better education to rural kids. You've been warned.


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  2. Thanks. I did have fun. Although I may have stepped over the line with all the shameless name-dropping in this post. Apparently, I'm the first author to engage in such. So, I would like to apologize to any who may have been offended by my crass self-promotion, especially my close friends and hang-out buddies Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Juan Carlos I King of Spain, Tom Hanks, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus (now, that girl knows how to "hang-out").

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