Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Smooth Getaway Postcard From Oxford Street

Oxford Street in London is a popular tourist attraction and one of Europe's best places for going shopping. This high end locale offers many luxurious stores, restaurants, and hotels along the main stretch of the road. This is one of the hottest spots to find both current and classic fashion trends.

London’s Oxford Street hosts over 600 shops and many tourist attractions such as Hyde Park, Regents Park, Westminster Palace, and Westminster Abbey. This elegant boulevard more or less serves as the primary artery for U.K. shopping.

Shopping areas on Oxford Street

The street is home to several flagship stores and numerous brand stores as well as small boutiques. It boasts the biggest shopping malls in London and the most fashionable designers too. The retail establishments found here include:

·         Debenhams
·         House of Fraser
·         BHS
·         John Lewis
·         HMV
·         Marks and Spencer
·         Next
·         New Look

Tips for shopping on Oxford Street

Oxford is a great place for tourism and shopping. It is easy to browse for souvenirs here, but make sure you create a mental or even written list of desired items, before you encounter vendors with their own ideas on what you should buy. The following suggestions may help you enjoy Oxford Street.

·         Be sure that you don’t get all of your gifts from one store as this is a huge urban zone of shopping malls, gift shops, individual vendors, and department stores. So, be patient. Take enough time to make price comparisons and select the best store to make your purchase.
·         If you are budget conscious, be aware that shopping here can be more expensive. You can pick out a small souvenir that fits your budget and you can also bargain on the price of souvenirs.
·         Investigate the daily deals offered by the department stores and shop accordingly.

Restaurants located near Oxford Street

You can find sandwich shops, traditional eateries, and high class restaurants on Oxford Street. You can explore a global variety of dishes without leaving the main drag. The eating options include:

·         Golden Hind
·         Aqua Nueva
·         Hix Restaurant
·         Postcard Teas
·         Goodman
·         Pollen Street Social
·         Meat, Liquor and More

Eating on the cheap

Next to shopping, Oxford Street is gaining a reputation for restaurants from all over the world. However, the food here can be expensive, so make sure you look around to find the best deal on eats.

·         Instead of eating in classy restaurants, you can save a little by purchasing takeaway food.
·         The street vendors offer some great deals that you can take advantage of on individual dishes.
·         If you want a reliable budget standby, then eat in one of the variety of traditional fish and chip shops.

Whatever you want to buy and whatever you like to eat, you probably won't find a better shopping experience than Oxford Street.

Michelle Ryan is an author from Manchester U.K. She currently writes for Dream Payday Loans company. If your spiritual tradition includes the belief: "I shop therefore I am," you may want to make a sacred pilgrimage to their website. Do it for yourself. Do it for the economy. Do it because you hear the siren call of retail outlets crying, "Don't wait till your next payday. Seize the day. Do me baby. Do me now!"

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  1. At some point, I'll have to spend a great deal of time in London. This area will be in the agenda...