Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Twisted Vagabondage Tale From Dachau

My descent into a dystopian society began in 1961, when I overheard a conversation between my mother and her best friend that forever changed my life. The stinging revelation led me on a 43-year journey. In this odyssey, I encountered both zombies and blood-thirsty monsters, but I also met kind strangers and knights in shining armor. I learned what is most important in life. Not fame or fortune, but something we all have yet often take for granted.

History swept me into a destiny I could never have forseen. As I sat on my house stoop looking at the stars of the night sky, they twinkled teasingly, beckoning me to come hither and find what I was seeking. My memoir, The Night Sky: A Journey From Dachau to Denver and Back, is the riveting tale of three enigmatic people whose lives are forever changed by the events of World War II. As I traveled between the past and the present across Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Germany, I learned the family secret.

I uncovered a painful shattering truth, but the heartbreaking realization would become a great gift to me. I was born in the barracks of Germany's Wehrmacht command center, which was converted to house displaced people after World War II. In 1951, my mother, my sister and I immigrated to America, where I've lived since that time. My book takes readers into one of history's most tumultuous times that brought out the greatest evils and kindness existing within the human heart. I hope you'll join me on my literary pilgrimage.

Maria Sutton is a writer who lives in Denver. The Night Sky: A Journey from Dachau to Denver and Back is available from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, most bookstores and many libraries. Let her astonishing journey inspire yours.

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