Friday, November 23, 2012

Between The Sheets With Eleven Women

On December 1st, I will be under the cover and between the sheets with eleven extraordinary women. I will attempt to simultaneously satisfy all participants in this romantic venture with my fine tubular instrument. You are invited to be a part of this sweet release.

The aforementioned cover is shown here. You cannot see the enclosed sheets of paper, some of which I have transformed into art with my fine Mont Blanc writing instrument, unless you buy the book. Here is how editor Barbara Conelli describes this anthology of meaningful journeys called The Beauty and Inspiration of Travel:

"Travel is the most amazing school of life. It uplifts you, enchants you, captivates you, thrills you, and changes you forever. It guides you toward unimaginable adventures. It brings you new friends and lovers. It teaches you the most important skill: the art of being you. Twelve passionate travelers have opened their hearts and shared their intimate, inspiring, amusing and even quirky views on travel, encouraging you to open your mind and soul to the magic of faraway journeys. The Beauty and Inspiration of Travel is a heartwarming book filled with wanderlust, gusto and joy. A perfect read for those who seek to spice up their life, find their next big adventure, or just dream of an ideal place over a hot cup of tea."

Why have I contributed a fine piece of art to this anthology pro bono? (That's Latin for "while listening to U2".) Because the project was already associated with another fine piece entitled Barbara Conelli. I cannot say no to her. She knows it and is taking full advantage of me. Why do I just lay down and take it? Because men in general do not view being used against their will in the same way women do. The ugly truth: if men knew a dark corner in the park where they were likely to be raped by a woman, there would be a line forming.

Even so, buy this book, lest the pillaging of my manly vulnerability and the pilfering of my literary virtue by the unscrupulous and irresistible Barbara go unanswered. Speak out for a victim of abuse who cannot speak for himself - because he is too busy stammering and drooling. And if you do not wish to purchase a copy for me or yourself, remember that this work makes a great gift for someone you love or someone you want to encourage to hit the road.

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  1. Between the sheets with eleven women? Well, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it...