Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Primal Wilderness Rambling From Hell's Canyon

Needing a break from the writing scene, we take a trip on a jet boat down Hell's Canyon beginning in Lewiston Idaho. There are many ports where one can start this journey, but since we are going with friends from Lewiston, we choose there. The Lewis-Clark Valley is actually Lewiston Idaho and Clarkston Washington separated by the Snake River. The drive East toward Lewiston is beautiful as the highway meanders through canyons and volcanic hills along the riverway. Around every curve is another breath-taking view of the varying landscape. If you’ve not ventured into the area, I suggest you take the trip. (Last two sentences do not apply to photo.)

The Lewis-Clark Valley is surrounded by 3,000 foot hills. I can’t say they’re mountains, since I’ve been to the Rockies and the Cascades. Yet, this valley is just beautiful in its own way. Normally, in July and August, Lewiston is about 110 degrees, but this summer the mid 90s greet us - much better than the sweltering heat. Our jet boat arrives on the docks at 8:30 am and we board with our friends, water bottles and snacks in hand along with our cameras for snapping wild life photos.

Hang on to your hats! The roar of the jet boat engine makes conversation nearly impossible as we zip upriver. The massive volcanic rock turns our ship into a miniature toy boat on the water. The scenery is unforgettable and it makes me think of busy folks back East who have never experienced the West. They have no idea of the serenity it holds, nor the beauty I see scanning the hillsides for big horn sheep.

Our guide slows the boat down and steers closer to shore, so we can get a better look at the big horn sheep drinking along the water's edge. The guide tells us these animals normally don’t scare and they’re so used to hearing and seeing jet boats on the river that they do as they please. The muscular, powerful animals stand proud with their heads held high, their huge horns at a perfect angle for those taking pictures. They truly are a sight to behold, if you’ve never seen one of these sheep up close and personal. The pictures just don’t do them justice, but I do my best so you can see too.

We are lucky to spy other wild life as we continue farther into Hell's Canyon. Our guide tells stories of the old West and how life along the Snake River was for early settlers. Sheer solid rock cradles the river at the bottom of the canyon, holding in the heat of the day. There are old mine shafts into the sides. Some entrances can be seen while others are back off the river among the rocks.

On the return trip to the dock, our guide stops at Buffalo Eddy, which is the deepest part of Hell's Canyon, to show us Native American petroglyphs. This is just one more amazing sight that I can keep close to my heart and remember I was there. A trip down the Snake River has so much to offer. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of a jet boat tour. You'll see things that you won't soon forget. My memories vividly return while looking through these pictures to share with you.

Tonya Kinzer is the author of the steamy Boss's Pet series. She writes erotic romance with the reader in mind, hoping they can step into a world that might be different from theirs. If so, perhaps it can help the reader get the courage to open dialogue with their partner, so they can receive what they really want.

Publisher Lyn Fuchs adds this endorsement: Before encountering Tonya's books, I used to be too shy to tell my partner that I wanted to include a whip, a donkey, or her sister in a tender moment. Now, I'm fully able to express my emotional needs, just like that reptilian hermaphrodite who wrote those Mars/Venus books. Thanks Tonya for sharing so much of yourself with me, both on and beneath the covers - of your books I mean. All readers are welcome to send us travel tales for publication by following our submission guidelines.


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    I do not like the photo five because is opaque

  2. It's been a long while since I've been in that area, and I've never been on the river itself. I'll have to remedy that!

    And I love that proviso with the first paragraph... not to mention those two sentences!

  3. thanks Lyn! You're a sweetheart but I won't tell anyone! Muah!