Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guilty Verdict In Strauss-Kahn Case

Conclusive guilty verdicts have now been rendered in the Strauss-Kahn case. Firstly, the omissions and emissions of the accused prove beyond reasonable doubt that he committed adultery in that hotel room. Secondly, taped phone calls and prosecutorial admissions prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accuser perjured herself in testimony.

Moral laws against committing adultery and bearing false witness are supporting pillars in a code named the Ten Commandments. This code was a foundation for both French and American legal systems and is considered to be a memo from the Boss by more people on the planet than any other conduct code. So, what we have here are two people found guilty of the most important offenses according to global management. Hmmmm

Still, what if there is no Boss or no directive from the Boss. Well, if we humans are on our own to survive as we see fit, both accuser and accused are rendered not guilty. Framing a guy on the stand to score a wad of cash is actually a neat trick that helps your progeny survive and thrive. Likewise, using superior strength and the element of surprise to plant your seed in as many unwilling women as possible is also a well-crafted strategy to propagate and prosper your tribe.

If we live in the absolutely-unsupervised cosmos of the brilliantly-consistent Darwinistic racist Jack London, these two slippery characters must be excused for literally and figuratively screwing those of other ethnic tribes, whom nature has made their enemies in the dog-eat-dog struggle for survival and preeminence. If the Ten Commandments are of no importance, then the rest of us should abandon our groundless devotion to legal conduct codes that evolved from them, which are just rules made up by men. We should learn to lie, rape, pillage, and plunder with the best. (Bolt your doors and brace yourselves ladies, 'cause I don't know how big this thing of mine gets.)

Those attempting to make only accused or accuser into a hero or martyr are merely revealing their anti-male, anti-female, anti-white, anti-black, anti-French, or anti-American bitterness. Either both parties are commendable or both are reprehensible. Ask those who've been legally framed or maritally betrayed if such deeds matter. You don't wanna support or tangle with these offenders. Never wrestle with a pig, 'cause you both get muddy, but the pig likes it.

For supporters of the ideals of the French and American revolutions, this was a good case. In defense of equality, he was quickly arrested despite the race, gender and status of the accuser. In defense of liberty, he was quickly released when the case against him became shaky. In defense of fraternity, I contend that my French readers are my brothers under one moral law and one Lawmaker. I'm sure they're more like me than like this predator.

I hope when the heat of the moment passes, they may decide Strauss-Kahn didn't receive such shocking treatment in America, considering his reckless, selfish, and immoral behavior. After the cool Statue of Liberty they gave us recognizing our warm reception of Europe's desperate immigrants, I hope they'll consider gifting a Statue of Justice recognizing we weren't so bad to their spoiled rich brat either. However, if my faith in heavensent ideals is as na├»ve as continentals often suggest, let me simply note that my primitive tribe is prepared to kick their tribe's ass, anywhere, anytime.

If there's a Supreme Court to which we'll all give account, accused and accuser should both be throwing themselves on its mercy: accepting culpability, making amends, and asking for a suspended sentence - what religious types call repenting and seeking forgiveness. If there isn't a higher court, we shouldn't be talking about these guys at all. We should be busy locking down our daughters, arming up our sons and fortifying our compounds for the next tribal raid. I know which world I'd rather live in. How about you?


  1. How about an internal code of the Golden Rule--which predates the Ten Commandments--where, insanity aside, we instinctively know right from wrong, whether Supreme Beings play with us or not. Personally, I don't need 'eyes" over my shoulder to do the right thing. However, I take your point--I think it's your point--that not everyone subscribes to this form of reasoning. That's why I sleep with a gun by my bed. :-)

  2. Stuart,
    My heart is right with you on the concept of a spiritual code that can be found in nature and is born into children as a conscience. I hold nature and children sacred. However, those corrupt beings known as adults (particularly us city folks who don't get into nature enough) and those totally-fallen beings known as lawyers are gonna need the rules on stone tablets signed by a deity and probably witnessed by a notary.