Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Malaysian Chicks Dig Me!

As my book spreads around the globe like anthrax or bubonic plague, women of all cultures are coming into contact with it. Here's what Malaysian writer Jeannette Goon had to say about her exposure:

"Sacred Ground & Holy Water is the travelogue of a man on an adventure and what a wild adventure it was. Author Lyn Fuchs proved to be up for everything in vastly different cultures, from eating brains in Africa to learning kendo in Kyoto, Japan.

Although it doesn’t record every detail or include lengthy descriptions, I thought it was the perfect travelogue. Scenery was described and foreign cultures were commented on, all infused with Lyn's sometimes pensive, often humorous, observations.

Each chapter was brief and could be read in a single sitting. I especially loved how red-blooded it was; I’ve never read a travel book in which women’s breasts were so obviously noted. It also reminded me that man is a wild thing.

I read it slowly; it’s the kind of book that’s meant to be savored. It made me laugh out loud frequently and the prose had its own rhythm that I found very easy to read. Although I didn’t understand many of the overly Western references, I could identify with the feeling of novelty that visiting each new place created. A traveler myself, I found the book compelling.

Sacred Ground & Holy Water made me want to see all those places for myself and more than that, it made me want to solidify my plans to explore the world, to delve into other cultures, to jump head first out of my comfort zone. And to do all that now, while I am still able. 'So climb those lofty peaks and visit those nostalgic peoples while you can, because they do symbolize the only eternal reality, which is change,' Fuchs wrote. I sat up and paid attention."

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  1. Wow Jeannette gave an interesting feedback to your writings Lyn. I found it fun to see how much she loved reading your book and the way you shared your experiences.

    It makes a huge difference when one makes travel writing fun and not so typical. Good work...keep writing!