Friday, June 3, 2011

Keys To The City Of Northfork

Northfork is the oddest and dumbest movie you'll ever see - unless you actually understand it. The year is 1955. Residents of Northfork Montana are being forced out as a new dam reservoir floods their town. The landscape is bleak. The music, storyline, and minimalist Montana conversations move at the speed of tree growth. Nick Nolte and James Woods have never looked more haggard. So, why would I recommend this sleepy film?

I'm gonna give you some keys that unlock the door to this deep and tender masterpiece without the need for multiple viewings. You're welcome.

The relocation that the townsfolk resist, despite the strong possiblility of a better life afterwards, represents the trip we all must take at the end of our earthly days, which we often approach with dread despite the lack of reason to do so. The three locals who must be personally visited by agents of "the government" (angelic messengers abound here) are being hindered in their journeys by the three sins of pride, lust and greed.

I'm not gonna tell you what the new car scratch symbolizes. You'll figure it out. When you do, you may add Northfork to your most meaningful movies list.

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