Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cheetahs Do Prosper In Duma

Who says cheetahs never prosper? The movie Duma (Kiswahili for cheetah) is based on the book How It Was With Dooms by Xan and Carol Hopcraft. A South African lad finds an orphan cheetah cub then raises it. When the time comes to return it to the wild, boy and cat set off on a trek, weaving back and forth across the line between domesticated and primal.

Many of us need to be returned to the wild. In our florescent light and recirculated air, we've forgotten the sun's kiss and the wind's caress. We've lost our place in the cosmos. This film offers truths so basic some will call them cheesy. Those who've lived them call them profound.

Years ago, after graduating from university, I left for South Africa with only a backpack. Photos taken on my departure and return reveal a radically-changed man. I'm not talking about the obvious sunburn and weight loss. I'm speaking of the different soul that shone out of my eyes. This movie relates such a transformational journey. Watch it and you may soon buy a new backpack.

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