Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paradise Found in Lacandon Jungle

Just got back from paradise in the Lacandon Rainforest on the Guatemalan border. Life doesn't suck after all. Saw Lacandon Maya boys wearing straight long hair and loose cotton clothes. They looked like Jesus in pajamas.

Lacandon Maya girls challenged me to splash fights in jade-green rivers. These refreshing currents flow past white pebble beaches on one side and green hanging vines on the other. As I soaked, exotic fish massaged and exfoliated my skin - weird but cool.

Colossal flowers silently screamed out their fertility with colors even louder than the jungle insect symphony. Yet, when I holler out my lust for life here, some office-cubicle inmates find my primitive chest-beating inappropriate.

Screw that. It's living a glum and gray existence, unaware of the luscious world around us, that is out of line. Reclaim unbridled glee. Relearn why muscles or breasts were installed at the factory. I write books to help people rediscover their primal spiritual selves. Wish you the best in your quest.

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  1. really had to be fun going to the Lacandon jungle, and most people know.
    I hope this well-written

    luis angel z2