Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Johnny Depp's New Rum Diary Movie

Johnny Depp will soon appear in a film version of The Rum Diary. This book chronicles the Puerto Rican adventures of Hunter S. Thompson. Listen to what New York Times bestselling author Tony D´Souza had to say about this writer: "No one since Hunter S. Thompson has loved the wild and woolly world with as much intensity, insight, passion and gusto as Lyn Fuchs in his new collection of travel writing Sacred Ground & Holy Water."

Did you catch that? He said this Thompson guy is as good or better than me. Whoa! Now, look at the picture of Amber Heard, who is gonna be in the movie with Johnny. Are you starting to feel some of that passion and gusto Tony said I'm full of? (Complete disclosure: I'm full of other things too.) So, when Amber gets to Puerto Rico, discovers how hot it is and begins shedding clothes, where do you wanna be? That's right: a theater near you.

To prepare for this film, you're gonna need to act fast. Read a copy of Tony's book to get why his opinion matters. Read a copy of my book to get just how highly he rates Hunter what's-his-name. Then (if you still have cash) buy The Rum Diary. That way, you'll be ready to fully appreciate this movie ... or to completely ignore the movie and stare balefully at Amber for two hours.

If Hunter, Tony or I looked like Miss Heard, we wouldn't need to write books, and we sure wouldn't need those public service reminders to do breast self-exams. I'm not much for wearing pink ribbons or pink anything, but every month is breast awareness month on my blog. Let's also thank Amber for raising awareness - and anything else she may have raised.


  1. victor alfonso hernandez floresMarch 7, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    the publication is good, i didn`t know about this movie and the adventures write in this book.. but is interesting.i buy the book for watch the movie, and look a Ambar that`s a beatiful girl.
    johny is my favorite actor, is funny, is good in his job.

  2. jose alfredo garcia espinosaMarch 8, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    the girl in the picture is very beautiful, for me she gonna do a good movie with johnny.

  3. javier cruz valadezMarch 8, 2011 at 9:55 PM

    the publication,the movie is good.

  4. I love the movies of Jonny Depp's more the pirates of the caribbean

  5. The heat in the movie will be Johnny for me ;D Although his tragic performance in Tourist definitely lowered my appreciation of his talents - physically his talents indisputable. Hubba hubba! Great article. X