Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Publishous Book Babe

When CNN correspondent, travel journalist and refined brown sugar Shweta Ganesh Kumar asked to review my book, the thought of her taking a special part of me into her lap for hours almost required a change of clothing. Apparently, she found the experience satisfying as well. Here's what her voluptuous lips had to say:

"Sacred Ground & Holy Water is the kind of travel book that makes you wish there were more of its kind out there. But then again, I do it a great disservice by calling it merely a travel book. It is also a very personal, frequently humorous and often poignant call to take a look at your religion or whatever higher power it is that you bow your head to. The book seems to be answering the question that the author himself makes clear.

'Do I travel to know a higher reality, the world or myself?'

The essays take us through his travels from Vancouver Island to Kyoto to Zihuatanejo to Belize to Antigua to Mahabalipuram and a number of destinations around the world, where the paths are definitely less trodden. His writing has a five senses style. You can taste the salt in the seas and the dust of the jungle roads and squirm as if the beetle that has crawled into his navel is in yours ... by the end of the book, the only thing the voice in my head was saying was, 'Please Sir, I want some more.'"

When a girl like Shweta begs for more, how could one fail to answer the call. I will redouble my efforts on the upcoming Fresh Wind and Strange Fire. Should Shweta ever move on from reviewing into publishing, no doubt many of us will want to be bound and disseminated by her. If you are likewise publishous (smart enough to review my book and hot enough to enhance my blog), contact me at to receive an exclusive book babe copy.


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  2. Jose Antonio Bautista MedinaMarch 8, 2011 at 1:38 PM

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